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 April 2020


Quito, Ecuador


Thanks for the post Elements Group !

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 April 2020

Annual General Assembly Yes with Nobatek  

France - Ecuador

ONLINE general assembly this year para Nobatek/inef4! It is a pleasure to return to see many of our ex-colleagues and to follow the permanent progress of the center.
YES Innovation is a partner of this French Technological Center specialized in sustainable construction and innovation since 2016 and the transformation of the center into a non-profit cooperative society. Present at the Social Interest Housing Conversation in Ecuador, organized bytheAFD in which we talk about Urban Integration as a sustainability tool for low-income housing.

Asamblea on line Nobatek 2020.jpg
April 2020

Metropolitan Corridor of Quito  

Barcelona - Spain

American Planning Associates gave the 2020 APA International Division Planning Excellent Award: Special Award for Public Involvement to the Quito Metropolitan Corridor, despite the problems_cc7581-bb3b3b3b1-bb3b3b9090 -136bad5cf58d_current. Very happy for this recognition.

For more information click on the following link:

Premio interrnacional CMQ 2020.png
 March 2020

Discussion Sustainable Social Interest Housing in Ecuador   

French Alliance - Quito

Present at the Social Interest Housing Discussion in Ecuador, organized bytheAFD in which we talk about Urban Integration as a sustainability tool for low-income housing
#Terao, #GIZ#AECID#INBAR , #AVSF, #Ministry of Urban Development and Housing, #casaparatodos.

AFD Conversatorio.jpg
 February 2020

Conversatorio Corredor Metropolitano de Quito   

FADA - Quito

We are honored to receive the cordial invitation from Dean Christine Van Sluys of the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Arts of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Quito (FADA - PUCE) to the Conversation on the Metropolitan Corridor of Quito in which we had the opportunity to work on it both teachers and students de this university. Thank you for the welcome and that spaces continue to be opened to publicize the future changes that are wanted for the city.

Invitacion Conversatorio FADA.jfif
Conversatorio Fada.jfif
 February 2020

Corredor Metropolitano de Quito Fase Anteproyecto  


You can find the complete transmission of the CMQ award ceremony at this link, thanks to the Facebook page of the Municipality of Quito:


 February 2020

Corredor Metropolitano de Quito Fase Anteproyecto  


Teleamazoncovering the Quito Metropolitan Corridor award event 



 February 2020

Corredor Metropolitano de Quito Fase Anteproyecto  


Foto el Comercio.jpeg
 February 2020

Corredor Metropolitano de Quito Fase Anteproyecto  


These are the sheets of our winning proposal for the final phase of the Contest for the Quito Metropolitan Corridor.


lamina 8.jpg
 February 2020

Corredor Metropolitano de Quito Fase Anteproyecto  


Our winning proposal for the final phase of the Contest for the Quito Metropolitan Corridor, on video.

In diffusion now in the Museum of the City

Video de Josia Cazar

February 2020

Corredor Metropolitano de Quito Fase Anteproyecto  


WE WON!!! Yesterday we received the first prize in the second phase of the Quito Metropolitan Corridor Contest!

Immense work by a multidisciplinary team committed to the city, which we had the pleasure of coordinating from Yes Innovation conGrace yepezresponsible for the proposal.

The pictures of the three finalist proposals of this second phase are exposed in the Museum of the City. Now begins the hard work of implementing the proposed transition plan, for a better Quito.
Thanks to the participating companies:
Yes Innovation Root Study BRANCH study Central University of Ecuador GMG Design and Construction ZIETTE DESIGN Urbana Data
To the contest organizers:
Quito Municipality Fernando Carrión Secretariat of Territory, Habitat and Housing Quito Ecuador

And to the entire team that made the proposal for this second phase:
Grace Yepez / YES Innovation
Nicolas Salmon / YES Innovation
Micaela Duque / YES Innovation
Jose Luis Barros / YES Innovation
Maria Isabel Vásconez / YES Innovation - Diem Consulting
Sheika Aragundi / YES Innovation
Paul Jimenez / YES Innovation
Luis Vallejo / YES Innovation
Juan Esteban Benalcazar / YES Innovation
Omar Toapanta / YES Innovation
Monica Yepez / YES Innovation
Daniela Amoroso / YES Innovation
Diego Morales / YES Innovation
Luz Maria Aguirre / YES Innovation
José Burbano / Raíz Estudio
Israel Mendoza / Raíz Studio
Darío Imbaquingo / Raíz Studio
Roberto Farinango / Root Studio
David Tenezaca / Raíz Studio
José Loyo / Raíz Studio
Jordano Garcia / Raíz Studio
Carolina Rodas / RAMA study
Felipe Donoso / RAMA studio
Carla Chávez / RAMA study
Ana Silva / RAMA study
Fernanda Ayala / RAMA study
Carla Flores / RAMA study
David Rodríguez / RAMA studio
Christian Soria / RAMA study
Melissa Del Pozo / RAMA study
Ana Belén Suárez / RAMA study
Micaela Sánchez / RAMA study
Antonella Amaluisa / UCE-FAU
Andrés Cevallos / UCE-FAU
Gabriela Mejia / GMG design and construction

Grace Garòfalo / GMG design and construction
Andrés Ramos / GMG design and construction
Rogelio Dávalos / GMG design and construction
Luis Pazmiño / GMG design and construction
Lorena Jiménez / GMG design and construction
Lorena Vasco / GMG design and construction
Ramses Morante / GMG design and construction
Gabriela Naranjo / Gabriela Naranjo 
Alejandro Samaniego / Gabriela Naranjo 
Erika Andrade / Gabriela Naranjo 
Sofia Montiel / Gabriela Naranjo

Gabriel Troncoso / Gabriela Naranjo 
Daniel Falconí / External advisor
José Andrés López / External advisor
Shayarina Monard / External Advisor
Santiago Alban / Heka Lawyers

Ganadores CMQ fase 2.jpg
Equipo ganador.jfif
February 2020

Climate advice   


Super job de Diana Salvador y Javier Mera, a pleasure to work on this project.

Proyecto de Diana Salvador.jpg
Prototipo DS.jpg
February 2020

Competition La Condamine  


Present at the technical visit of the site where the project in which we have been selected along with 3 other teams will be developed.

Visita tecnica La Condamine.png
 January 2020

Project CLEVER  


We open the page FB Clever - San Enrique de Velasco Quito!

Now you can follow all the progress of the project Clever Cities in the San Enrique de Velasco neighborhood in Quito and participate in it!
Yes InnovationQuito Municipality Secretariat of Environment Quito,Grace Yepez Gaby Mejia Nicholas Salmon David Jacome Polit Quitoresilient @Diego Enriquez @Daniel bonilla Karla Hurtado

San Enrique CLEVER.jpg
 January 2020

Competition La Condamine  


A pleasure to be able to participate in this contest for La Condamine School in Quito with the French colleagues from @Terreneuve

Concurso Condamine.png
 January 2020

INNOQUA project   


The pilot site of the project in Ecuador was presented in Quito through an open day in which we had the presence of many people interested in the subject.


Puertas abierta INNOQUA Ecuador2020.jpg
 January 2020

INNOQUA project   

Arequipa, Peru

Present at the  the eighth meeting general project INNOQUA at the Catholic University Santa María de Arequipa, Peru.

This site treats the water of a university campus dedicated to agriculture, combining the 4 INNOQUA technologies: Wormfilter, Dafniafilter, Biosolar technology and UV lamp

Innoqua Arequipa2020.jpg
Innoqua Peru2020.jpg
 December 2019

Saying goodbye to a good 2019   


Wishing you an excellent 2020 from the entire YES innovation team!

 December 2019

Project INTERLACE   


Excellent news today from the Union Europea: our latest Horizon 2020 project proposal is selected for execution! The project is called INTERLACE, it focuses on the use of nature-based solutions for more sustainable urban planning and is based on the collaboration between Europe and Latin America with a group of 20 partners from both regions. YES innovation is the co-coordinator for Latin America , together with the coordinator Ecologic Institute based in Germany. A 4-year project that will give us the pleasure of working in Ecuador with the Municipality of Portoviejo.

With 3 active projects, YES Innovation is confirmed as the most active entity in Ecuador with the EU's Horizon 2020 program, the largest innovation and development program in the world.


INTERLACE 2019.jpg
 December 2019

Diary of a pedestrian   


In Flacso Radio, Grace Yepez was interviewed and will tell us how the Quito Metropolitan Corridor proposal changes the perspective of pedestrians in this city

 December 2019

In Quito there are many non-places   


Grace Yepez was interviewed by the newspaper El Comercio in our office to learn a little about  more about her vision of the non-places present in the city from Quito, in this link you will find the complete interview:

 November 2019

Corredor Metropolitano de Quito 2019  


Grace Yepezcomment on the FB Live of Commerce our proposal for the Metropolitan Corridor of Quito

 November 2019

Corredor Metropolitano de Quito 2019  


With great pride we share our proposal for the Quito Metropolitan Corridor.
29 sheets and an initial ordinance proposal, made by a great team of 68 members:

Grace Yepez / YES Innovation
Nicolas Salmon / YES Innovation
Micaela Duque / YES Innovation
Sheika Aragundi / YES Innovation
Paul Jimenez / YES Innovation
Luis Vallejo / YES Innovation
Jenny Dariela Coyago Azaña / YES Innovation
Joyce Vanessa Loya Pachacama / YES Innovation
Melanie Nicole Veintimilla Andrade / YES Innovation
Jose Luis Barros / YES Innovation
Paola Janeth Carrera Montalvo / YES Innovation
Bryan David Yaselga Antamba / YES Innovation
Omar Xavier Toapanta Toapanta / YES Innovation
Carlos Victor Caguana Paredes / YES Innovation
Juan Esteban Benalcazar Falconi / YES Innovation
Luz Maria Aguirre Aguirre / YES Innovation
Hamilton Israel Paredes Granda / YES Innovation
Denisse Lizeth Estrella Calderon / YES Innovation
Silvia Katherine Hidalgo Curicho / YES Innovation
Monica Yepez / YES Innovation
Carolina Rodas / RAMA studio
Carla Chávez / RAMA studio
Felipe Donoso / RAMA study
Carla Paulette Flores Trávez / RAMA studio
María Fernanda Ayala Riera / RAMA studio
Ana María Silva Molina / RAMA study
Ana Belén Suárez Narváez / RAMA study
Juan Francisco Morejon Córdova / RAMA study
José Luis Burbano Arango / Raíz Estudio
Froilo Israel Mendoza Rodríguez / Raíz Estudio
Mauricio Dario Imbaquingo Dávila / Raíz Estudio
Erick Roberto Farinango Peñafiel / Raíz Estudio
David Alfredo Tenezaca Paspuezán / Raíz Estudio
Alejandra Páez Robles / Raíz Estudio
Jael Priscila Tipán Carrera / Raíz Estudio
José David Loyo Salazar / Raíz Estudio
Jordano Arturo García Cuenca / Raíz Estudio
Naomi Maritza Sánchez Rivadeneira / Raíz Estudio
Gabriela Naranjo / G. Naranjo
Alejandro Samaniego / G. Naranjo
Maria Mercedes Andrade / G. Naranjo
Cesar Ferro / G. Naranjo
Erika Maria Andrade Garcia / G. Naranjo
Gabriela Mejia / GMG
Rogelio Davalos / GMG
Andrés Alfonso Ramos Cevallos / GMG
Grace Garofalo/GMG
Lorena Vasco Palacios / GMG
Ramses Morante / FAU-UCE
Andrés Cevallos / FAU-UCE
Antonella Amaluisa / FAU-UCE
Diego Hurtado / FAU-UCE
Lorena Luisa Jimenez Renteria / FAU-UCE
Luis Bayardo Pazmino Vargas / FAU-UCE
Mauricio Fernando Luna Maldonado / ZIETTE DESIGN
Dany Esteban Arias Marroquín / ZIETTE DESIGN
Irene Antonella Parreño Arias / ZIETTE DESIGN
Carlos Andrés Arcos Novillo / ZIETTE DESIGN
Susana Isabel Oviedo Marcillo / ZIETTE DESIGN
Maria Susana Grijalva / UrbanaData
Maria Soledad Salazar / UrbanaData
Rosa Amelia Poveda / UrbanaDdata
Fernando Zurita / UrbanaData
Edwin Narvaez / UrbanaData
Sandra Lopez / Solidarity Alliance
Sandra Iturriaga / Pontifical Catholic University of Chile
Michael Davis/Evolution
Cristina Cordova / Evolution
Juan Javier Nicholls / Independent
Cristina Ordóñez / Independent

LAMINA 1.jpg
 November 2019

Corredor Metropolitano de Quito 2019  


The official delivery of the prize to the 3 finalists


 November 2019

Corredor Metropolitano de Quito 2019  


Grace Yepez with the two finalists of the Contest

 November 2019

Corredor Metropolitano de Quito 2019  


Article from EL COMERCIO newspaper about our participation in this Ideas Contest

nota el Comercio CMQ.jpeg
 November 2019

Corredor Metropolitano de Quito 2019  


YES Innovation is one of the 3 finalists.

foto int CMQ.jpg
 November 2019



WE WON !!!!!!!!!
Very special moments today with the verdict of the CONCURSO DEL CORREDOR METROPOLITANO DE QUITO and our winning proposal!!!
55 km of corridor, 10 centralities and 94 proposed projects. A titanic job of a great team of almost 70 people. Thank you all for the great ideas and good vibes! we keep going!
Yes Innovation BRANCH study Root Study GMG Design and Construction Gabriela Naranjo FAU - UCE Official Site Urban Dating ZIETTE DESIGN
and especially in the YES Innovation team with:
Grace Yepez Nicholas Salmon michael duke Sheika Aragundipaul jimenezLuis Vallejo Jose Luis Barros Monica Yepez

Premiacion CMQ 2019.jpg
 September 2019

Ornato Award 2019  


The winners were known, do you want to know? Enter the link and find out. Congratulations toGrace Yepez for his contribution as a jury of the event: