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Green infrastructure plan for the city of Esmeraldas

Innovating in architecture and urban planning for Ecuador and Latin America
implementing Nature Based Solutions


Created in 2016 in Quito after 12 years of experience in Europe, Yes Innovation seeks to introduce new tools and new technologies in the practice of construction and urban planning in Latin America.

Sustainability and efficiency in the use of resources are our main axes of development.


We believe in sustainability not only as an obligation of the citizens of the 21st century but also as the main vector of innovation today for companies and administrations in Latin America, with two direct effects:

  1. Generates greater competitiveness for companies that adopt a position of positive differentiation in their market thanks to sustainable innovation

  2. It leads to a particularly positive dynamic of territorial development with a strategy of specialization of local economic actors induced by the manufacture of an innovative product with specific resources from the place.


We introduce innovation through practices of technological transfer, experimentation and local re-sourcing in order to establish the technologies in coherence with its destination market and in its territory of implantation.

To propose new technologies we have 10 years of experience in developing innovation in Europe and we rely on an extensive network of expert partners in Latin America and in Europe.




We develop new tools, new materials and new systems that allow us to introduce more sustainability in the construction sector in Ecuador. We focus in particular on nature-based solutions, water treatment systems as well as green building materials and systems.


In our own projects or for third parties, we carry out architectural projects from the analysis of requirements and scheduling, to monitoring the work. We build the proposed interventions or projects when they are located in the Quito region and propose environmental consultancies for the eco-efficiency of buildings.

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We carry out research and consultancies in the urban environment for the development of new neighborhoods or the creation of strategic plans. We focus on participatory processes, impact evaluation and environmental solutions.


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Generating networks allows us to accelerate the transfer of innovation and good practices in all the projects we carry out. Each partner teaches us and we learn together to advance towards applied sustainability in the territory.


Quito Metropolitan Corridor, CLEVER Cities, San Enrique de Velasco, Environmental Consulting in Architecture, Guide to Sustainable Infrastructures in Protected Areas of Ecuador, Biom, Innoqua, Interlace and Indicadores Project.

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